We foster our planets
with carefully chosen
talents and partners,
growing within our identity
to deliver Createq solutions.
It's in our DNA.

Human is our language

It’s simply in our code. We’re bound by a deep recognition of individual strengths and collective values, a testament to our Swissness. Embracing nearshoring, we blend the stability of our culture with global collaboration, uniting us as we recognize and celebrate individual qualities alongside our teammates from near and afar. Our commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions reflects the future we envision, a promise rooted in our heritage. Like many, we claim excellence, but our genuine love, creativity, and enjoyment for crafting software in all its dimensions, roles, and environments, enhanced through nearshoring, is what truly defines us.

Our core values together with nearshoring as a pivotal element, we don't just reach for the stars—we build new worlds.


We deliver nothing less but excellence. Excellence in quality of delivered work, excellence in respecting deadlines, excellence in meeting the budget. We are sharing the mindset of being best in the class in our industry – for our clients and colleagues, too.


We aim to anticipate, respond to and exceed our customers’ and colleagues’ expectations in order to secure long-term relationships. This is how Createq group sees the world - quality brings us long-term partnerships that bring us secure and stable future for our employees. Transparency along the way is always implied – we always mean what we say.


We love technology. Technology is a universal language that transcends cultures, borders, and barriers. We aim to explore and use state-of-the-art technologies, not only for their capacity to present challenges that lead to improvement but also for their potential in driving sustainability. This commitment to sustainable practices makes us the right partner for the long term. Technology is a great business to be in, and an even better business to lead, especially when it aligns with our vision for a sustainable future.


We are inclusive, we open our doors to everyone. We build relationships on trust, and we promote open and transparent communication, acting with respect and integrity. We are proud of our flat hierarchy that enables us to make decisions quickly, act fast and learn even faster.

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Nearshoring with our planetary system

Our organizational framework is meticulously crafted to align with our client partners. Within CREATEQ’s solar system, each ‘planet’ is a vibrant hub of collaboration, where clients take substantial influence, from selecting the ideal talent in interviews to charting the course of their bespoke digital solutions, facilitated by our nearshoring approach. This approach enhances our ability to blend local expertise with global reach, ensuring a seamless integration of diverse talents and perspectives.
Eschewing rigid hierarchies for a more fluid, rules-based decision-making paradigm, we prioritize finding the perfect gravitational fit for every member within CREATEQ’s constellation. Here, it’s not a race to the top of a corporate structure, but a journey to the right orbital path where continuous development is not just a goal but a reality, aided by the proximity and efficiency of nearshoring.
In this cosmos, we are committed to forging stellar software solutions that not only meet our clients’ needs for innovation and excellence but also align with our values of Swissness, stability, future, and culture. Together, with nearshoring as a pivotal element, we don’t just reach for the stars—we build new worlds.

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