How was Heapcon 2022?

The in-person conferences, remember those?

Heapcon is always a great idea if you ask our developers. Respected speakers, interesting topics and lots of opportunities to learn from colleagues in the industry. After a couple of years of hiatus because of the pandemic, we finally got the chance to speak to colleagues from other IT companies in person.

This year, was even more special for Createq because we had a chance to see our very own speaker on stage – Bojana Andjelkovic Cirkovic, Data Scientist from our Kragujevac office.

She used her strong research background in explainable artificial intelligence and 7 years of experience in providing data-driven solutions to challenging problems to deliver her lecture „Work smart not harder: Using intelligent document management system in aviation“.

Aviation industry digitalization challenges

If you have some experience in the aviation industry, you are probably aware that digitalization and comprehensive review of aircraft technical documents are defined as the ultimate goals of modern document management systems for supporting aircraft transitions to lessors. Unfortunately, most aircraft maintenance documentation is still physical, and the complete overview and gap analysis of these records is required to ensure that the final delivery bible is in order.

Machine learning models for document classification and feature extraction can help to reduce input errors.

Bojana Andjelkovic Cirkovic, Data Scientist at Createq

Bojana presented the idea that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for automated data structuring and automatic document linking could boost efficiencies resulting in significant savings in both cost and time. She explained how machine learning models for document classification and feature extraction can help reduce input errors and increase the power to make informed decisions on a daily basis for an aircraft transition asset.

The crowd turnout was good and the reactions were positive.

Kuddos to Bojana, she really did make us all proud! We can’t wait to see the lecture again, once the organizers publish it so stay tuned for an update on this topic.