Hi, we are Createq!

Hello and welcome to Createq universe! We might have already met in the past. In Serbia we are known as, in Romania you have probably heard of youngculture, and in Switzerland they call us NSM Engineering.

Now that is about to change…

We decided to create a new name that will unite us all and better represent our values and principles. Createq name perfectly reflects our motto “Where creativity meets technology”. This change did not come suddenly, on the contrary, we have been working on it for some time and it was also prompted by internal changes.
We left the traditional structure where the top management decides on everything and replaced it with a flat hierarchy. Each team, out of the 30+ we have, is truly a world unto itself, or as we say – a planet.
Since planets are at the basis of the new organizational structure, we decided to present that through the logo, with a symbol that unites and attracts them. A star.

According to Oliver Marjanovic, CEO of the company, “Createq is the first IT company with this kind of “Planet centric” model of team and employee organization, and their ultimate goal is to encourage people to go for the position they want in their team, because no star is too far!”.
What do you think about our new branding? Feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels!