Hello Earthers – meet your guides through the CREATEQ galaxy!

Have you heard the news? Silos, pyramids and ladders are out! We said goodbye to traditional ways, careers and “top management”, instead of traditional teams we strive to have self-organised groups/teams – and call them planets! Once we saw all the benefits and happiness among our employees, we knew we were on a right track… Strap yourself and come along our journey. But first, let us introduce our 2 masterminds behind everything.

Meet Oliver Marjanovic (right) who has been working in our ecosystem for more than 11 years building the CREATEQ space! Yup, he was here when we were still called and youngculture and NSM Group (it depends from where you know us). Some call him CEO, we call him Oli.

Of course, nothing would be the same without Oliver Brack (left), who is looking after all the operational aspects of our journey and making his fellow COO in other firms proud.

“Leadership is too important to leave it just to the 2 of us – we pass it on to our teams” is the philosophy they truly believe whilst building a firm (or rather an eco-system) consisting of dozens of self-organized teams (or how we say it in our language: planets).
Thanks to these three we all love being and working on planets in the CREATEQ space and enjoy watching them growing our firm, adding planets, clients, markets, locations! They can be proud – they are true opinion leaders creating a firm that is not only delivering high quality and very creative technical solutions but also lives an impressive culture.