Case study: Delivering lifelong education worldwide

The Project:

Our client, a major international brand in educational publishing, aimed to enhance the online journeys of their customers from various worldwide markets. Faced with the challenge of catering to diverse learning styles, cultures, and market demands, they sought to provide a top-notch unified e-commerce and content delivery platform offering affordable education globally.


To achieve their goals, the client envisioned a unified software platform capable of delivering next-generation capabilities, accommodating various educational approaches worldwide.

Maintaining a superior user experience was paramount. The platform required high flexibility and the ability to swiftly adapt to different market needs and support ongoing feature enhancements, ensuring ease of use for learners and practitioners alike.

With this objective in mind, the client sought a long-term partnership with a trusted technology expert familiar with their existing platform, which is essential for sustaining their growth trajectory.


Createq was involved in the design of a new core architecture for the platform and in the development of a system that seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing technology. This empowered their staff to continuously generate new educational content while the platform continued to evolve. As the client expanded into new markets, they identified additional requirements, prompting the platform to exceed its initial scope.

Adopting a new architecture transformed the platform from a complex monolithic application into a microservice-based, headless solution. This shift facilitated integrations with various platforms, fostering collaborations with numerous new partners and services, and enabling continuous expansion.

The outcome was a modern, highly agile platform fostering seamless collaboration among internal teams, including content creators, marketers, analysts, and platform developers, facilitating continuous adaptation to diverse market demands.


The new platform empowered the client to focus more on core business activities, reducing organizational overhead. Its scalability and flexibility optimized resource utilization, enabling enhanced delivery capabilities and fostering further growth, with a clear impact on the revenues processed through the platform, which have grown approximately 3 times over the past six years.

Performance improvements were significant, with the platform becoming three times faster and offering an improved user experience. Reduced interdependency among teams resulted in expedited platform enhancements, with feature delivery requiring 60% less time and a 50% decrease in time-to-market.